Care weave jobs

Weave straps are attached to your own hair through a braid or microring or other fastening techniques, so the hair needs extra care.


Weave hair should be well brushed out every day

Wash 1 or 2 times a week

Before brushing out the washing well

Use shampoo if the hair feels greasy or dirty

Shampoo dries the hair out therefore always treat with a conditioner

Conditioner in combination with hair mask is recommended

Always do not rub in products on the scalp and weave hair in vertical movement

Always make separations at the weave tracks and brush well when mask is inside.

After using the serum, brush- dry the hair dry.

Braid the hair before bedtime


Never! sleep with wet hair

Never let wet hair in a bun without brushing out

Never swim with a loose hair or visit a sauna

TIP (lubricate before use pool / sauna conditioner in the hair and braid it tight or make a knot, after using the pool / sauna, the hair is easy to wash.


* Soon a video about this