Article 5 - return / reflection time

5.1. Real Hair Online B.V. supplies natural products, originating from people because of this, colors and shapes of the images in relation to the webshop may differ slightly from the same product.

5.2. The customer is responsible for correct return: The hair must be returned unused, undamaged and in the original condition and packaging with the purchase order within 7 days after receipt of your order to Real Hair Online, kinkerstraat 249, 1053 ER, Amsterdam / Netherlands, this ivm hygiene and health protection.

5.3. This reflection period starts on the day after receipt of the product.

        5.4. When purchasing products, the consumer must indicate within 14 working days after receipt, via the return button on the webshop which items are returned

        become o.v her / his name & order number or the enclosed return form to be completed when returning the products.

        5.5. Upon return, the return amount (including delivery costs) will be transferred within 10 days. The consumer will be informed by e-mail


        5.6. The shipping risk and the costs of the return are for the buyer. Real Hair Online advises the customer to return articles by registered mail. Insufficient or

       non-franked returns are not accepted.